Dr. Gabriel Baker

Hoffnung Scholastic


Aesthetic: Alembic
Inspiration: 6
Axioms: Apokalypsi 5, Exelexi 1, Metaptropi 2, Prostasia 1
Wonders: Sundry scanning devices, basic healing device, basic protective clothing (Looks Normal armor).



Fellow of the Hermetic Order of 28 Spheres (Spirit Sphere).

One of the more accomplished Peers in San Francisco. If there’s something to be known about the city, it’s a safe bet that Dr. Baker is aware of it (or will be soon). Baker is obsessed with the Freemasons’ designs for the city, to the point of becoming Unmada. He regularly corresponds with Dr. Levitski, the other Fellow of the 28 Spheres in the city, with whom he has been close friends with for decades.

Dr. Gabriel Baker

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