Huang Tzu

The Yellow Dragon


Name: Tzu Huang
Quote: “When one finds absolute certainty of their mark on history, he is free to bask in his newfound relevance.”
Foundation: Formalist
Catalyst: Neid
Age: 52

Inspiration: 9
Axioms: Apokalypsi 3, Automata 4, Epikrato 5, Exelixi 3, Katastrofi 3, Metatropi 4, Prostasia 2, Skafoi 3

Seven Heavens: Epikrato 4. Apokalypsi 2. Size 20 (Generator). 4 Bound Mania. Immobile. A large generator capable of creating devastating weather effects.
Seasons Guard: Epikrato 4, Prostasia 2. Size 2 (Wrist Guard). 4 Bound Mania. Allows control of the immediate surrounding weather area.
Celestial Enforcer: Automata 4. Apokalypsi 3. Katastropi 2. Size 6 (Giant). A loyal automaton made to protect Huang and the inhabitants of the New Moon. Has several back ups in stasis.
Repossession Device: Epikrato 5. Size 3 (Back Worn). No Range. Touch activated. Takes controls of the aggressor’s mind.
Dragon’s Breath: Katastropi 3. Metaptropi 3. Size 4 (Size 0 unchanged). Rifle Range. Continuing Damage. A dragon-headed pen that resizes into a napalm flame-thrower.
The New Moon: Skafoi 3. Apokalypsi 2, Epikrato 3, Exelixi 2, Katastrofi 3, Prostasia 2 Size 100 (Spaceship) A large aircraft capable of space travel. Capable of invisible shielding.
Dragon’s Will: Epikrato 4, Apokalypsi 2. Size 20 (Super Computer). A machine capable of wide spread manipulation.


Also known as The Heavens’ Disciple.

Tzu Huang is the current head of the Eternal Generals collaborative within the Ten Thousand Fans program, which is also one of the oldest, and is actually its second leader. He is the nephew of the late former leader, Tzu Zhang, who died several years ago in battle with a powerful Lemurian at the age of 137. In his youth, he was a genius prodigy, capable of feats on par with the Eternal Generals. Though some of the Ten Thousand Fans very much doubt Huang’s capablities of leading the renowned group, but he has the support of many more of the newer generation and the reluctant respect of the Eternal Generals.

It is interesting to note that he was not born during the Last Invisible War, a fact which often gives speculation to how he thought of the event, though those are thoughts he’d best want secret, along with his actual location. This sort of secretive behavior stems from his work (and subsequent catalyzation) during the Cold War.

He is a master of Epikrato, and in keeping with his own paranoid personality, is free to manipulate memories and thoughts that could endanger him or his peers as well as endanger everything as a whole. He holds the title of the central god, the “Yellow Dragon”, who in legend represented the shifts of the four seasons and was capable of changing them simply by breathing.

Huang Tzu

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