Kamini Mandar

Grimm Formalist


Inspiration: 5
Axioms: Katastrofi 4, Automata 1, Exelexi 4, Metaptropi 3
Wonders: Two extra arms (Exelexi 4 “Replacement” limbs: Flexible Upgrade, Grafted, Self-Only), Katastrofi 4 claws (Melee, no cost, Bleeding), Exelexi 4 Regenerator (Monitored Regeneration, Self-Only, Internalized), Metaptropi 1 Appearance Alterer (Specific Transformation (Indian deity), Grafted, indefinite transformation (+1 bound Mania). 14 Bound Mania, 11 free
Striking Looks 4.
Derangements: Irrationality, Narcissism, Megalomania.


Member of the Four Pillars.
Classical Indian Aesthetic.
Very militant and rather deranged, Kamini is in the process of modelling herself after Kali, Hindu Goddess of Annihilation. Very dangerous, and utterly determined to drive the Pacific Gauntlet from San Francisco. Though she is obviously insane and is quite possibly a danger to the Peerage as well as to Lemuria, the Peerage is content to let her be for now, as she is exceptional at keeping the Gauntlet at bay. Her fellow members of the Four Pillars have also provided assurances that she will not turn her wrath on the Peerage, though how much those assurances are worth is disputed among San Francisco’s Peers.

Kamini Mandar

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