Mao Chang

The Black Tortoise


Name: Chang Mao
Quote: “The answers of the universe can be found, it’s just a slow and tedious path! But not if I can help it! Keh Hee Haa Haa Haaaa!”
Foundation: Formalist
Catalyst: Staunen
Age: 81

Inspiration: 8
Axioms: Apokalypsi 5, Automata 2, Epikrato 2, Exelixi 3, Katastrofi 4, Metatropi 3, Prostasia 2, Skafoi 3

The Tortoise’s Wisdom: Apokalypsi 3. Size 2 (Necklace). Able to scan a person’s mental thoughts at range.
Chi Sensor: Apokalypsi 4. Size 1 (Wristband). A snake-like coil wristband capable of predicting the movements in the surrounding area.
Omega: Apokalypsi 3, Katastropi 4. Prostasia 2. Slow Charge (1 hour). Size 20. A targeting missile array cannon capable of decimating small army fleets
The God’s Eye: Apokalypsi 5, Automata 1. Size 1 (Mask). Capable of detecting everything in range.
The Skyward Shell: Skafoi 3, Apokalypsi 4, Exelixi 2, Katastropi 3, Metatropi 1, Prostasia 2. Size 150 (Airship). A large tortoise shaped airship.
Poltergeist: Epikrato 1, Apokalypsi 1. Size 2 (PDA). Control computers and read-access technology.
Tortoise’s Might: Katastropi 3, Epikrato 2, Metatropi 3, Prostasia 2. Size 3 (Hammer). A war hammer capable of changing size and being wield with the mind.
Omnipresence: Apokalypsi 5, Automata 1 Size 10 (Large Monitor). Capable of seeing into, and interacting with, the past and future.


Also known as The God’s Eye.

A military communications expert who catalyzed during his works in decoding military messages, Mao is a seasoned genius, with abilities worthy of membership within the famed Ten Thousand Fans collaborative, “The Eternal Generals”, acting as the “Black Tortoise”. He was an eccentric fellow who was very affected by the old wars, leading to his slightly strange behavior which, given the demeanor of the other generals, is very contrasting. Do not be fooled, however, as his intelligence and wisdom are not to be underestimated. There is a reason why his longevity has not failed him.

His signature wonders are the Chi Sensor, a snake-like wristband device that can process future information of the immediate surrounding area, the titular God’s Eye, a mask that enables perfect detection of anything, and the Omega, a missile array cannon capable of decimating small army fleets that is connected to his control network.

He often has the habit of laughing after every sentence, a particularly unsettling trait from his years of work, but nonetheless accepted as a normal thing for him.

Mao Chang

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