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Inspiration: 6
Axioms: Metaptropi 2, Prostasia 4, Katastrofi 3, Apoalypsi 3, Exelexi 3, Skafoi 3
Wonders: Powered Battlesuit (with added transfiguration ray, Exelexi Upgrades, Spatial Scanner)
Science Hero.


Leader of Vigilance.
Gleaming Extropic Aesthetic.
Fellow of the Iridium Sentinels.
Probably the most powerful Peer in San Francisco, and certainly one of the most active, Marshall and his collaborative are a good part of the reason why Lemuria and the Pacific Gauntlet hasn’t simply overrun San Francisco’s stagnant Peerage. Takes his powers very seriously, and is looked up to by most new Peers as someone to aspire towards. Still, he built his suit to fight crime, not to prevent a war, and his collaborative is becoming increasingly overworked…


Genius: the Transgression - San Francisco Juhn89