Rebecca Vu

Grimm Formalist


Inspiration: 3
Axioms: Katastrofi 3, Exelexi 3, Prostasia 3
Wonders: TBD


Member of the Four Pillars.
Akira-style cyberpunk Aesthetic .
The other Grimm in the Four Pillars, Rebecca tends to be somewhat overshadowed by her fellow’s sheer violent insanity. Significantly calmer, saner, more careful, and more calculating, she tends to use this to her advantage to make sure her enemies are busy looking at the crazed Indian woman with the four arms while she shoots them in the face. She may not rip your head off and start wearing it on a necklace, but she knows how to make people regret crossing her – she’s just more practical about it.

Rebecca Vu

Genius: the Transgression - San Francisco Juhn89