Renjie Lao

The Vermilion Phoenix


Name: Lao Renjie
Quote: “Utopia heralds only stagnation, but I can find way to make it more efficient.”
Foundation: Formalist
Catalyst: Hoffnung
Age: 80

Inspiration: 8
Axioms: Apokalypsi 2, Automata 3, Epikrato 2, Exelixi 5, Katastrofi 3, Metatropi 4, Prostasia 4 Skafoi 2

Rejuvenation Chamber: Exelixi 4, Prostasia 1. Size 20 (Chamber). A stasis chamber capable of restoring a human or creature to perfect health (and regenerate limbs).
Holy Guardian: Prostasia 4. Expandable Shield. Size 10 (Generator). A powerful area-wide shield generator.
Royal Executioner: Katastrofi 3, Metaptropi 2. Size 2 (Ray gun). A Ray gun capable of disintegrating transformation (Flesh into salt or liquid, etc.)
Heavenly Beads: Exelixi 4, Katastropi 1. Variable explosion. Size 2(Holy beads). A necklace of holy beads that emit auras of healing light within a fixed radius.
Alchemy Transformer: Metaptropi 4. Immobile. Size 20 (Large Machinery). Able to change metals and morph forms of material.
Phoenix Wings: Skafoi 2, Apokalypsi 2, Exelixi 3, Katastropi 3, Metaptropi 1, Prostasia 4. Size 100. A large, modified military-grade jet.
Dynasty’s Defense: Skafoi 1, Prostasia 4. A moving throne with immense defense.
Temple Guards: Automata 3. Apokalypsi 1. Robotic guards.
Immortal Equation: Exelixi 5. Size 10 (Chamber). Capable of granting functional immortality and age reversal.


Also known by names such as The Divine Monk.

A medicine man who broke through half way into his career as a military doctor, Renjie is a seasoned genius, whose medical prowess is worthy of the famed Ten Thousand Fans collaborative, “The Eternal Generals”, acting as the “Vermilion Phoenix”. He is the brother-in-law of Ling Qiao, a fellow general and former rival; he is also, by marriage, Alexander’s great uncle.

He is an Exelixi specialist and by that respect, is capable of functional immortality. He and Ling reluctantly ended their life-long rivalry with the engagement of Ling’s son Fu and his own Daughter Maya. Combined, his and Ling’s genius lineages are some of the most notable in modern China.

His signature wonders are his Rejuvenation Chamber, capable of healing to the point of replacing limbs, and the Holy Guardian, a powerful area-wide shield generator.

Renjie Lao

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