Ryu Yoritomo

The White Tiger


Name: Yoritomo Ryu
Quote: “To defeat the enemy without shedding blood is indeed the acme of skill.”
Foundation: Formalist
Catalyst: Klagen
Age: 74

Inspiration: 8
Axioms: Apokalypsi 2, Automata 3, Epikrato 2, Exelixi 4, Katastrofi 2, Metatropi 3, Prostasia 5, Skafoi 4

Eternal Sun: Skafoi 4, Apokalypsi 2, Metatropi 1, Exelixi 2, Katastrofi 2, Prostasia 4. A large spacecraft capable of transcending dimensions.
Kami Shield: Prostasia 5. Expandable. Shielding Device. Size 3 (Vest). A body barrier that can only be pierced by meteorite.
Peace of Mind: Apokalypsi 2, Automata 1. Size 2 (Necklace) A mental scanner.
Will of the Divine: Epikrato 2. Size 0 (Ring) Functional Telekinesis and body control.
Healing Palm: Katastrofi 1, Exelixi 4. Prostasia 3 (Integral). Size 1 (Glove). An elegant glove capable of shooting healing rays.
Heaven’s Spark: Katastrofi 1. Size 1 (Glove). An elegant glove capable of emitted paralysis and capable of draining energy.
Staff of Tantanbo: Metaptropi 2, Katastrofi 1. Melee. Specific Transformation (Flesh to Stone). Size 3 (Short Staff). A staff that can emit a beam to petrify flesh into stone for a limited amount of time.


Also known as The Merciful Sovereign.

A former Shinto Priest from the Japanese countryside who was catalyzed in the Last Invisible War with Lemuria, Ryu is a seasoned genius worthy of membership within the famed Ten Thousand Fans collaborative, “The Eternal Generals”, acting as the the “White Tiger”.

A technical pacifist due to his aversion to killing from his war experience, he focuses on more peaceful ways of combat and is a superb defensive strategist. He, along with the other generals, were the prominent members that helped the Ten Thousand Fans unionize into the Program today. He often considers moral virtue first before acting. Though he no longer follows the Shinto ways to heart, he continues to keep a shrine in his quarters.

His signature wonders are the Eternal Sun, a village-sized, Death Star-esque ship that serves as Ryu’s regular base and the Kami Shield, a device that forms a nearly impenetrable body barrier that can only be bypassed by weapons made entirely of meteorite.

Ryu Yoritomo

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