Dr. Yuri Levitski

Staunen Scholastic


Inspiration: 6
Axioms: Apokalypsi 2, Metaptropi 1, Epikrato 4, Skafoi 3, Prostasia 1, Exelexi 1
Wonders: Space-Capable Flying Machine, Weather-Resonance Crystal, Looks Normal protective clothing with Exelexi life-support.


Fellow of the Hermetic Order of the 28 Spheres (Air Sphere).
A rather accomplished Peer (and one of the four Fellows in San Francisco’s Peerage), Dr. Levitski is looked on somewhat suspiciously by the Peerage at large despite his accomplishments. His Aesthetic is strongly associated with Lemuria, and he’s somewhat odd. Despite this, he’s actually saner than the more approachable Dr. Baker, with whom he has been close friends for decades and still corresponds with regularly.

Dr. Yuri Levitski

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