Tag: four pillars


  • Rebecca Vu

    Member of the *Four Pillars*.
    *_Akira_-style cyberpunk* Aesthetic .
    The other Grimm in the Four Pillars, Rebecca tends to be somewhat overshadowed by her fellow's sheer violent insanity. Significantly calmer, saner, more careful, and more …

  • Justin Hong

    Member of the *Four Pillars*.
    *Aquatic Life* Aesthetic.
    Less capable than his fellow members of the Four Pillars in a straight fight, Justin primarily acts to support his collaborative in their struggle against the Pacific Gauntlet.

  • Takashi Kudo

    Member of the *Four Pillars*.
    *Black Plastic* Aesthetic.
    Though the vast majority of San Francisco's Inspired Japanese population are members of the Pacific Gauntlet, Takashi Kudo is strongly and insistently a member of the Ten Thousand Fans. …