Alexander Qiao

Adventurer Archaeologist


Name: Qiao Alexander
Quote: “That’s a really nice looking artifact. I’m gonna investigate the hell out of it.”
Foundation: Scholastic
Catalyst: Staunen
Age: 27

Mental Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 4, Resolve 2
Physical Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3
Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 1, Composure 3

Mental Skills: Academics (Archaeology) 3, Occult 3, Computer 2, Science 2, Investigation 2, Craft 1
Physical Skills: Athletics (Parkour) 4, Brawl (Kung Fu) 4, Survival 2, Larceny 2
Social Skills: Animal Ken 1, Empathy 1, Expression 2, Streetwise 1

Resources: 2 (Archaeologist)
Other Merits: Allies (Free Council) 1, Allies (Ten Thousand Fans) 1, Eidetic Memory 2, Encyclopedic Knowledge 4, Language (English) 1, Fighting Style: Kung Fu 1, Movement Style: Parkour 1, Movement Style: Spelunking 1, Utility Belt 2, Fame 1, Weaponry 1

Willpower: 4
Obligation: 8 (Paragon)
Flaws: Nearsightedness and Shifty
Aesthetic: Alembic
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Gluttony

Initiative: 6
Health: 8
Defense: 3
Speed: 11

Total Mania: 12
Bound Mania: 6
Free Mania: 4
Inspiration: 2
Axioms: Apokalypsi 3, Katastrofi 2, Metatropi 1, Prostasia 1

XP Expenditure:
[OLD: 101] 94 XP total -
25 Attributes (Strength 3rd dot, Resolve 2nd dot)
42 Skills (Academics 3rd dot, Computer 2nd dot, Science 2nd dot, Investigation 2nd dot, Larceny 1, Occult 3rd dot, Craft 1)
18 Merits (Spelunking 1, Parkour 1, Utility Belt 2, Resources 2nd dot, Fame 1, Weaponry 1)
= 9 Unspent

Inspired XP:
9 total -
16 Inspiration 2
10 (Katastrofi 2)
15 (Apokalypsi 3)
7 (Prostasia 1)
= 15 Unspent

XP: 31 Inspired: 15
2.4: 5; 1

2.5: 6; 2

2.6: 3; 4

2.7: 7; 2

3.1: 4; 4

3.2: 5; 3

3.3: 4; 4

3.4: 4; 3

3.5: 6; 7

3.6: 4; 3

3.7: 14; 5



2: 3; 0

3: 7; 4


4.0: 3;4

Eternal Translators: Apokalypsi 2. Size 0 (Earrings). Range of 100 feet. Translate any language from speech or text. 1 Bound Mania. 10% of demons whispering scandalous secrets not meant for man into brain with every use.
Fault: Make an Intelligence + Composure check or gain a mild Derangement, or upgrade a mild Derangement to a severe one. This Derangement lasts for one week.

Scan Glasses: Apokalypsi 2. Size 1 (Glasses). Roll 6 dice vs. Resolve + Metanormal Advantage to scan a mind. Range of 100 feet. 1 Bound Mania.
Fault: 50% chance every time the device is used that one input will cut out. Requires a point of Mania or an Intelligence + Computer roll to get all inputs running again.

I Don’t See That: Metaptropi 1. Size 1 (Necklace) 1 Bound Mania.
Fault: Do not use in normal atmosphere.

Celestial Knock Out: Kat 2, Bleeding, Knock Down, Immobilization, Size 2 (Alembic Gauntlets) 2 Bound Mania. Punch boulder-like objects at pistol range, spend 1 Mania for elemental effect with -1 damage penalty.
Fault: Pseudo-intelligence. Wits + Computer to have it do what it should do.

God Fearing Sight: Apocalypsi 2, 2 Bound Mania. Size 4 (Scanner on a tripod). Scan everything.
Fault: One of the outputs may shut out. Spend 1 mania or roll Intelligence + Computers to fix. Can’t detect dogs or witches.

Scroll Capacitor: Size 2, Holds 3 mania.

Equipment: Armored Clothing. Armor 2, Size 2. Bulletproof.


Born Qiao Ping, he was an immigrant from China’s Sichuan Province along with his family. He was trained from childhood with his sister Lynn by his father, resulting in him being an extremely proficient practitioner of Kung Fu as well as other combat arts. He eventually declined his father’s orders of joining his line of work and moved away, taking his sister with him. He changed his first name to Alexander, because he hated the name Ping. He currently resides in San Francisco as a part-time freelance archeologist, his sister having moved to Seattle. Often though he would commute to Berkeley to assume his job as a lecturer, allowed to have his own office for his work.

At some point in time, Alexander obtained a tome from one of his paid expeditions to ancient, nondescript ruins in the Sahara. The tome itself written in an obscure language long since forgotten by man. Alex, obsessed with this sort of thing, devoted most of his time trying to translate the ancient text, and within 6 months, was able to piece together a coherent alphabet by looking over other artifacts found on his journey. As he translated the book further and further, Alex’s mind had begun to crack from the secrets it told and the imagery within its pages, creating a large fissure into Alexander’s perceived reality until he broke through as a Staunen.

At some unknown point after that, Alex was found by the Free Council, who had mistaken him for an awakened mage. Horrified in their error, he was transferred to the College of Scholastic Theory, though they still keep in touch. He has since spent time creating wonders that assist him in his line of work, though he still teaches part-time at Berkeley while taking on jobs from interested collectors. Though he still maintains loose contact with his father, though he has no problems contacting his mother. He has since, though, made some connections with family from the Ten Thousand Fans Program.

His photographic memory and all-around trivial knowledge allows him to remember much of the situation at hand and allows him to recover past clues long since forgotten, which includes even the most trivial of things like where he left his keys on the 23rd of May or what sort of pizza topping he picked off his combo slice on November 11th. Having lived in San Francisco for the last 9 years of his life, he could make a very good tour guide.

Due to his rigorous training in his early life, he is in peak physical condition, though recent negligence to stay as fit as he should be has made him a bit weaker than usual. Because of his reclusive nature, he does not have much presence and is able to avoid much contact in crowds. Though he does have much composure given his line of work, his resolve for anything has been weakened by his freshly fractured mindset, damaged by the tomb’s contents. This lack of resolve will later be caused by the constant conversations with demons caused by his wonder’s malfunctioning.

Before his breakthrough he had spent time instructing Zoe Fisk, daughter of business tycoon Solomon Fisk, as her self-defense instructor for extra money; a job he gained after Fisk himself witnessed his skill at a local tournament. He also has a small inclination towards Fisk’s head-maid Henrietta, while also extremely intimidated by her presence. He still retains this job after his breakthrough.

During his own seclusive periods he obsessively reads up on archaeological findings and comics, which were some of the few things he found solace in between breaks from his father’s training. This sort of obsession often drains most of his resource even with the additional jobs he had acquired and added to his eccentric behavior. His eyes are fox-like in appearance, often giving him a shifty look, making others more cautious around him. Thanks to his profession, he has a knack for ancient kleptomania. He also has a bit of a dislike* for spiders, which are a constant obstacle between him and the temples he explores.

*Alexander: Fuck spiders, man.

Alexander Qiao

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